Coming in 2019

RMSLT Streker Shared Offices

Find your new workplace on our brand new premises. Activity and adventure providers will be part of an innovative and convivial office community where all office services are included. Rent a complete office, or office space. You can rent on an annual basis, for six months, one day a week, or whatever suits you and your business best. If you have a flexible job, we offer a flexible office solution.


Shared Offices and Showroom

On the quayside, along the harbour promenade, centrally situated in Bodø, we will offer a joint marketing apparatus/showroom. Tourists will be able to make drop-in reservations here, based on the activities and adventures of the day, in addition to us offering an extended online booking service.


If you have good ideas and need help to develop them – collaboration is the key. If you have good products and wish to sell them – collaboration is the key. We offer an environment where ambitions can develop, where you can spar with your peers, brainstorm ideas, air your experiences, find solutions and develop products. A fleeting fancy can become a big idea, one good idea can become two, a product can gain customers and an inquiry can develop into a concrete scheme – we are talking about synergy.


Everybody knows somebody, some know many. When people meet, contacts are made and new opportunities arise. Here, new partners and tips for the road ahead will be found right on your doorstep.

Sharing Knowledge

No matter where you are going, someone has been there before you, or at least almost there. Sharing knowledge brings you closer to your goal in less time and using fewer resources. Here, we share knowledge over a cup of coffee, at a meeting, or by arranging workshops with people who have the necessary know-how.

The Premises

Our shared offices extend over two floors and include a 7 metre glass surface overlooking the sea, providing the best possible visibility.

The ground floor includes a reception area/sales office with a monitor showing available activities, times and prices. Behind the reception area there will be a “black box” with room for 30 people where events, film screenings, presentations and the review of security routines can take place.

Office Space for Rent

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