Coming in 2019

The Ramsalt Area

Sjøgata street was once the most vital part of the city. The harbour was naturally the centre point, where people and goods came and went by boat, and later also by seaplane. Beyond the town square, the quay known as “Fløtmannskaia” was located. It was like the bus stop of the time, where the Burøya workers were carried to and from work. On the site where Ramsalt is being built today, there were once salt bins, on the site of Jakhelln wharf there were coal bunkers. Not exactly a place where ladies of distinction would take a stroll, yet all the same an area with many important, not to say vital, functions. Salt for the processing of fish and coal for fuel were of decisive importance in the Bodø of old.

In the old days, buildings and meeting places would often face the town square, with their backs to the sea. This was probably done as a means of shelter from the wind and weather. The wharves and the harbour were places of work, largely for men. It was a harsh environment and not many dared go there after the workday had ended. Today, the opposite is the case, the fronts of buildings face the sea and the restaurants have located their outdoor service areas in the sunshine with a sea view.

Where we were once told to keep clear due to old scrap iron, unsecured planks on the quays, obstacles and «holes» on the wharves, today homes, shops and restaurants are appearing, and last but not least, a people-friendly and safe harbour promenade with areas offering a pleasant environment, recreation and social gatherings.

A harbour promenade has long been on the wish list of both hosts and visitors to Bodø alike. Anyone who has seen tourists from the Hurtigrute ships toiling their way across Rønvikleira and then having to follow Sjøgata street down to the city centre, has asked the same question: “Why doesn’t the city have a harbour promenade?” – a cosy quayside promenade where you can walk along the sea front from the new quay by the railway station and all the way out to the breakwater. A new promenade where both inhabitants of Bodø and visitors can enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, fishing from the quayside, bathing, boating, dining on local fare, having a locally brewed beer and enjoying the midnight sun.

A welcomed project, but not that easy to realise. An expensive project, indeed, but the most important thing is the willingness shown by the various parties who owned the property. When Hundholmen City Development finally managed to buy the last plot, that decisive piece that was necessary in order to create a harbour promenade, it was finally possible to see and develop the area as a whole. At last it would be possible to build a single, continuous road along the sea front which would be convenient for pedestrians and cyclists, safe for adults and children, and inviting due to shops, restaurants, viewpoints and open zones where people can meet without any other purpose than to enjoy the view and the sea breeze.

In the Ramsalt area, you will find specialist shops, restaurants, activity providers, a seawater pool and saunas. Furthermore, a centre for arts and culture, open viewpoints and a wonderful sustainable hotel with all its facilities will be established. We are looking forward to redeveloping an inaccessible industrial area and turning it into an accessible and exciting meeting place, a new focal point in Bodø city centre.

We are on the verge of a new era.